HI Guys,

I have set up a squid cache farm with two individual squid2.6 stable
12 running wccpv2, working independent of each other ( having seperate
cache_dir with no communication beteween peers ), i wish to achieve a
a load 60%-40% distribution of traffic to the squid1 and squid2.

I could not get a method to do that even after spending quite some
time on the net.going by guess work i have did the following
configurations, The squid1(master as has a lower IP of the two) is
configured with wccp2_weight 6000 and the other is configured with a
wccp2_weight of 4000. Hoping to get a load distribution of 60-40.

But even after this configuration the router is distributing the load
as 50%-50%.

Any suggestions to implement the same will be highly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,