I have a simple setup of 2 web-caches and a cisco 3200 router and
trying to understand the load balancing
feature in wccp v2. I see that the router *always* allocates buckets in
the reverse order of the specified assignment; For example, in a cache
cluster with two caches only, when the lead cache assigns buckets 1-128
to itself and 129-256 to the other, router assigns buckets 1-128 to the
other cache and 129-256 to lead cache. This makes me to think that the
wccp2 draft is implying the bucket index order from the last bucket
(bucket 255) to the first bucket (bucket 0) in the Assignment Info
component rather than what is shown. Has anyone seen this before?

The specs for the test enviornment are:
1. cisco 3200 IOS 12.3 (1a)
2. squid-2.5 stable 10 on linux (having my *own* changes that
implements basic support for WCCP2 lead cache detection and assignment
of buckets to peers)