Hello there,

We have a local network using Microsoft Windows. There is
a proxyserver at one Computer, say Any traffic to the
internet is done using this proxyserver. There is no DNS-server on the
local net and a firewall, that allows internet connection only by using
the proxy. The proxy itself only allows port 80 and 443.

Now, we want to use a subnet We have one
freebsd-computer with two network-interfaces, say and This computer does routing and NAT from into and the internet. We installed squid on this computer.
The parent of squid is defined by

cache_peer parent 80 7 no-query default

I thought, squid would ask his parent for any internet-connection, but
squid does not start at all, because there is no DNS-server. If i force
squid to start using

squid -D

it starts, finds pages like www.google.de, but then, it can not update
this pages if i search for any information.

My question: Is it possible, to run squid without any DNS-server and to
configure it in a way, that it gets all information from the parent

Thank you for any hints