Running squid 2.5.8 on RedHat 8. An internal user is trying to
access a remote web site which is hosted off two web servers
( Those servers share a single
hostname that has two A records in DNS . One of those servers
currently works, while the other does not.

The problem I'm seeing is that squid alternately hits both IP's.
Half the hits succeed, while the other half fail. The failed
requests are apparently not getting retried -- they're simply
returning a TCP_MISS/503 error. This, of course, causes problems
for my user, since certain parts of this web app may or may not
get downloaded.

Although the squid documentation is sketchy on this issue, it
seems to me that since v1.1, squid has had the capability to
rotate through the IP's for hostnames with multiple IP's. I
think this is even the default behavior. Alas, I can't find any
indication that it's possible (or if it is, how) to have squid
automatically retry the other IP when one of the IP's doesn't
respond. Can anybody help me out here?

Ben "Obi-Wan" Hollingsworth
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