Hi Folks,

I have configured linux proxy server in kernel 2.4 (Redhat Linux 9).

I had 2 network cards..One is connected to lan other one is goes
through the firewall..

I can ping the dns ip. dig nslookup worked successfully for all sites.
But I can t able to access the websites through squid. Squid is working

that is I created routes for external network.. through rc.local.

Evenafter rebbooting the routes are not appear in IP Routing
Table.(route -n)

>From lan I cannot access the internet..

But if I configure one DMZ ip in my lan..I can access all websites...I
think the routing entry is problem..

This is scenario..

2 network cards..one for internal other for external..Both connected to
Lan switch...

Lan switch is connected to Internet Switch ...Internet switch connected
to firewall..firewall...

How to update kernel routing tables( I had done in
/etc/init.d/rc.local...but not in effect)