i've run a squid proxy for abaout 2000 users. The users have not to
authenticate to use the squid.
But on the squid are two delay pools for downloads configured.
The users can only use (max 256 kB/s to min 32 kB/s -> as larger the
file as slower the download)

Now i have about 30 "Power Users" This Power Users have the right to use
the "full Speed" (is always max 256 kB/s). I use for the user a IP
address acl with static IP addresses.
But this will not longer work, because this users often work from othe
computers (shared computers)

So i need a mechanismus to authenticate this power users. I'll not
activate authentication for all users.

Is it possible to have a website with a authentication form which the
user opens, and after successfully authentication the user get "full
access" from proxy.

Or can i use a other solution (perhabs a redirector, second squid
instance with basic authentication, Identd...)

But remember only the Power Users should be able to authenticate (trough
manual action: i.e. open a special website). The standard user should
never get a authentication window.

Thank you for your help!