I am trying to setup squid for testing but its not working properly.
1. I get my internet from my corporate proxy server.
2. I don't have any access on that server other then web browsing.
3. We have VLAN setup.
4. The proxy server lies in a VLAN other then user VLAN.
5. I have setup a Fedora box with 2 NICs.
6. I have given 1st NIC IP address of the user VLAN and the 2nd of the
server VLAN.
7. We have ACLs based on IP.
8. So I have got internet access for my Fedora box's 2nd NIC's IP.
9. I installed and starded squid.
10. I configured squid.conf for port 3128
11. Created an ACL for a client IP.
12. And gave Access to that.
13. Configured that client's browser for proxy.

But still the client is not able to fetch any page.
Even, I think, its not contacting squid.

Pls help........

Thanks & Regards,