I work for a public school system currently using novell bordermanger
as a proxy, we are looking to move to squid, but I don't have alot of
experience with squid to know if what we need is even possible with

Here is what we need:
- User login page authenticated to Ldap, but not in a popup box, we
need a bordermanger type login page.
- Once authenticated, the user should not have to authenticate again,
(even with a browser closed and no traffic) from that ip until (A)The
user logs off, or (B)the session times out(1 hour).

We have squid setup to work with the network, but ldap authentication
with pam is not doing the job we need. As soon as the user closes the
web browser the session expires, and a basic http auth would cause to
much confusion for users that are used to a login page. Any help, even
just pointing me in the right direction would be great. Thanks, Aaron.