I need to reverse proxy an existing SSL server, which means that I need
to use https on both sides of squid. I cannot use clear http between
squid and the server.

I have read several posts from H. Nordstrom where he said that an 'SSL
update' for version 2.5 allows to do it. But these messages are quite
old and seem to refer to version 2.5 STABLE 4. So, I thought that this
'SSL update' what integrated in the current 2.5 versions.

I am using 2.5.STABLE13. I configured https_port with a certificate,
and everything is OK between the client and squid, but squid sends the
request to the server as http, not https, and I don't see any option
which would allow to send an https request.

So, my questions are :

1. Is it possible to proxy https <-> https with squid version 2.5.

2. If it is possible, what do I need to set (the redirector receives an
'http' URL, even when squid is called in https) ?

Thanks in advance