Hello I recently read this article
pls skip this i am going to solution part:

Solution in short for those who are in hurry::
# inside squid.conf file (I guess you know what squid.conf mean to you)
# add the line below



I had this problem for IRC and I added the following line
### part of squid.conf file
acl SSL_ports port 443 563 6667 21
http_access deny CONNECT !SSL_ports
#### part of squid.conf file

now irc used to connect from port 6667 and I just added the port inside
connect method and it worked
and restarted squid
[root@myProxy root]# service squid restart
then the IRC started

May be similar is the case of ftp

Since I had this thing , ftp port enabled as SSL_ports this worked

READ CAREFULLY this may help you solve the problems

Squid is such a software which helps to control all your http which run
over port 80.
Moreover squid can handle requests like logging in via secure
connections: SSL

I use squid at port 8080
The default port is 3128
FTP runs over port 21
so you might have put port 21 inside Safe_ports
and now: you might get errors such as anonymously logging into ftp
you might have seen

ftp user squid@
this makes your anonymous user to be squid

solution part:
Now you have one thing to enable inside squid.conf
there is a CONNECT inside the squid.conf
you must have seen SSL_PORT
within SSL_PORT add ftp port
because for ftp , you need a continuous stream of connection to occur
via port 21
so add


Hi folks,

My apologies if many people have asked this before, but...

I'm running 2.4-STABLE6, and I'd like to configure squid to always
allow clients making FTP requests through squid to do it without

At the moment, I have lots of 'acl' directives with lots of
'http_access allow' directives. Some of the 'http_access allow'
directives end with 'password', and some do not. I don't want to affect
the setup of all those directives, but I just want to put a blanket
'anyone doing an FTP request can get out without logging in to squid'
type thing in there.

I tried putting this in /etc/squid.conf:

acl FTP proto FTP
http_access allow FTP

, but it doesn't make it work - people still have to authenticate to
squid when doing ftp:// requests. Maybe it's because of the order in
which I have my http_access directives - might this be so? The
'http_access allow FTP' one is right up the top of all the http_access

Thanks in advance,