I am using squid-icap 2.5 stable 11 in an environment where I need
squid to be a proxy only that does not perform caching at all.
I have tried to disable squid from caching at all using the following

1. acl all src 0/0
no_cache deny all

2. negative_ttl 0 minutes

3. cache_dir null /null

Yet I get hits to the memory cache listed in access.log:

1144237242.291 10 [IP] TCP_MEM_HIT/200 7372 GET [URL] - NONE/-
1144237227.586 8 [IP] TCP_MEM_HIT/200 19873 GET [URL] - NONE/-

Generally, the problem is that for the cached content, squid does not
initiate respmod ICAP requests.

Please help,

Yoav Daniely