My company's use of the Squid proxy server is very limited, but it
works great. As a result, this probably will come under the heading of
a "Newbie" question.

There are three classes of users; The Corporate users, who are not
attached to the Proxy, System Users who can gain complete access via a
Username and Password and Restricted users, who can access a list of
allowed sites. If the Restricted users attempt to access a URL that is
not on the allowed list, Squid prompts for a Username and Password. At
this point, a System User must unlock the browser so the Restricted
user can gain complete access. While this is (I admit) a very
simplistic use of Squid, it works perfectly for our application.

Here is the issue.

We would like to allow some URL's to Restricted Users that gather their
content from other URL's that are not from the originating site. For
example, Mapquest and Google Maps, which the Restricted Users need to
do their jobs. Both Mapquest and Google Maps are on the allowed list,
however these sites always prompt for a Username and Password after
they have loaded some of the page. The URL's these sites access are not
on the Allowed List. Since these URL's can change fairly regularly, I
am looking for a way to allow these types of URL's to the Restricted
Users no matter what they are, as long as they are part of the allowed

I'm sure there is an easy answer for this issue, but I haven't been
able to find it in the documentation. Please allow me to thank you in
advance for any insight the Group may provide.