I have an linux box installed with squid and mail-server and its act as
gateway servers for the lan. I was thinking about to install privoxy to
block access to adult site and pop-up. So i install squid in one of the
LAN computer (ubuntu 5.10) and adding privoxy for testing.

At first everything work fine on the test box (ubuntu). But then i
accidently delete the squid.conf file >"<. So i just reinstall the
squid and get back the default squid.conf . Then i found i can only
assign http_port to (ie. all addresses) and I can't specify a
particular address like . I try restart and
force-reload both don't work out.

I have to restart squid on the gateway server to allow the internal
squid to assign correctly (its sort of chained
squids). I am not sure if its all because the squid(on gateway server)
not refreshing page within localnet.

Besides, is there anyway to force squid to retrieve a particular web
address without caching it?

Thanks in advance