Hi folks,

My apologies if many people have asked this before, but...

I'm running 2.4-STABLE6, and I'd like to configure squid to always
allow clients making FTP requests through squid to do it without

At the moment, I have lots of 'acl' directives with lots of
'http_access allow' directives. Some of the 'http_access allow'
directives end with 'password', and some do not. I don't want to affect
the setup of all those directives, but I just want to put a blanket
'anyone doing an FTP request can get out without logging in to squid'
type thing in there.

I tried putting this in /etc/squid.conf:

acl FTP proto FTP
http_access allow FTP

, but it doesn't make it work - people still have to authenticate to
squid when doing ftp:// requests. Maybe it's because of the order in
which I have my http_access directives - might this be so? The
'http_access allow FTP' one is right up the top of all the http_access

Thanks in advance,