Hi all,
I'm searching all over to find an answer, but could not find one.
It should be a simple one for you experts:

Can query caching by regular expression match all sites with the
specified expression (caching only once and using the cached page
everytime the rule appear) ?

For (a simple) example, if I define:

acl QUERY urlpath_regex oberon ?
no_cache allow QUERY

And cache it into Squid.

And then go into:

Can I get the same page in both cases (The first one which was cached)
The real question is:
Does squid stores in the cache table the full path of the site and
query, or only part of it ?
>From what I can see, the configuration (or the default one, at least)

does not support this feature, but I might miss some entries in the
config file.

I'm using Squid for windows, if it makes any differences.