Hi. I'm trying to configure squid + ncsa_auth on a RedHat Enterprise
Linux 3 with no success. Squid works fine with no authentication, but
when ncsa is activated, a weird behaviour is observed. I have tried
Squid2.5.3 from rpm, Squid2.5.6 compiled from source, and even a
squid2.5.6 compiled from source in a debian box (where all works fine
even with ncsa).
I would like to know if somebody has had the same problem.

After activating ncsa (password file created, file permissions
revised, etc..) squid is executed, three copies of squid appear in "ps
-A" but none of ncsa_auth. Even more, the command "squid -k shutdown"
(or check, etc) returns "squid: ERROR: No running copy", and no
squid.pid is created. More stranger is the fact that a "netstat -nap |
grep squid" only reveals these port information:
cp 0 0*
LISTEN 14941/(squid)
tcp 0 1
SYN_SENT 14940/(squid)
udp 0 0*

Of course, no log is registrated, neither in system log, nor in
squid logs.

A strace does not provides more useful information (to my
unexperienced eyes). I don't include it here for clarity but I can
post it if you considered it important.

I want to stress that the same source code, compiled and configured
the same way, with the same user and file permissions, just works fine
in a debian box.

Please, tell me if you need me to post more information.

thanks in advance