I have a problem with transparent caching.

O/S: Linux Suse 9.0
Platform: Intel X86

Squid Release: 2.5.Stable
Browser: IE6

I have parts transparent caching work just fine with the in the
incoming port of 3128 with my current browser configuration. I have
proxy port set to 3128.

But if I change the configuration on shorewall to redirect all out
going traffic to port 80 traffic from port 3124 is where I have the
experienced this problem.

HTTP and HTTPS works great with the port 3128 from the browser to the
cache server, but when I do a port redirect from port 80 to 3128 the
http works, but the https doesn't with the below shorewall config.

Summary in pictures (ASCII Art)


Browser proxy setting to 3128 ------> firewall ------> 3128 squid

Works great with http and https


Browser proxy setting to 80 ---> firewall --> 80 redirected to 3128

Works great with http, but httpd fails


Here is part of my shorewall config

REDIRECT net 3128 tcp http
REDIRECT net 3128 tcp https - !
ACCEPT fw net tcp http
ACCEPT fw net tcp https

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!!!