i have been working on this the last few weeks, working from web
searches etc ..

so far i have user and password authentication working, but i also
want to use the group helper ..

i have put together the external_acl type based on a thread i read
with someone else trying to do the same thing ..

i have:

external_acl_type UK-Internet %LOGIN
/usr/local/squid/libexec/squid_ldap_group -b "" -f
"(&(cn=%g)ObjectClass=groupOf Names)(member=%u))" -f
"(&(uid=%u)(objectClass=Person))" host.domain.co.uk

and then i have the acl defined to lookup the external group ..

acl allowed external UK-Internet cn=UK-Internet,OU=Europe,O=DDS

http_access allow allowed

now i guess theres probably something wrong with my ldap search so
i've been trying to test manually running the CLI, when i run the
command and enter the User ID of Firstname%20LastName UK-Internet, i
get ERR, ... we have spaces in our names, hence the %20, which does
work if i do a normal user authentication with ldapsearch ...

i guess my first question is am i testing this in the right way ? ..

and last question has anyone else got this working that can share the
config with me .. ?