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Wed, 21 Apr 2004, Support ePaxsys/FRWS wrote:

> This has the potential to greatly reduce the size and complexity of the
> Squid lists needed to do effective filtering, reduce memory and CPU usage,
> and of course, 'should' help Squid work more efficiently as a result. No?


> I searched the Internet, the mail list archives and everywhere I could
> think of, but could not find a plugin/module to do this.

It is trivial to write one using the external acl mechanism.

> Does one exist?

Probably not.

The principle is quite similar to how the Cerberian content filter
except that Cerberian looks at the whole URL and uses a proprietary
method (not DNS).

> Easy to make if it does not?


> Would be willing to share results and possibly even host a RHS DNSBL
> list should we get it to be a viable alternative to the current list
> based solutions.

Sounds great!

But be warned that maintaining a web site category system is a major
undertaking. Technology is simple, the content not.



Cerberian has made it's service available to Squid users. Here's the
link on the company's site: