I'm attempting to build up a Squid reverse proxy server that proxies
many origin http servers on several ports. I'm a newbie to squid, and
have ground through the software docs and newsgroups to try to figure
out how to do this. Any comments on how to configure this beast will
be welcome.

The problem is that the implementation is going to be fairly complex.
The goal is to allow users in my network to see a set of http servers
in another network - this seems simple enough, and in fact, I have it
working in reverse proxy to many origin servers on port 80. One of
the complexities is that I have to pass traffic to many servers on
port 80 but also a few servers on port 8080.

My first attempt to solve this was to use a redirector. I've looked
at Squirm, Jesred and squidGuard. SquidGuard is what I have installed
now. The documentation is oriented around access control rather than
URL translation, and I'm having a hard time figuring out how to write
the configuration file. In any case, I can't tell that squidGuard is
actually doing anything. I can run it from a command line, and the
log file shows that it is starting when I start Squid, but other than
that I get no outputs out of it.

I've also tried writing a short Perl redirector script. That script
creates the log file I requested, but does not print any results to

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong, or what I should to differently?