After upgrading to Squid 2.5-stable 5 my webcache started having some

Yesterday it crashed after a assertion failed: errorpage.c:292:
"mem->inmem_hi == 0"

It's interesting notice that the "assertion failed" caused after a
httpSendRequestEntryDone error.

I downloaded the patch for the assertion and recompiled webcache.

Now the cache is dying only with httpSendRequestEntryDone.

Yesterday log (before patch)
2004/05/18 10:33:38| httpSendRequestEntryDone: Likely proxy abuse
detected '' ->
2004/05/18 10:33:39| assertion failed: errorpage.c:292: "mem->inmem_hi
== 0"

Today log (after patching)
2004/05/19 09:03:30| httpSendRequestEntryDone: Likely proxy abuse
detected '' ->
FATAL: Received Segment Violation...dying.

The cache is compiled with:
../configure --enable-underscores --enable-gnuregex
--disable-ident-lookups --enable-snmp

Linux elnbsbcache 2.4.18-686-smp #1 SMP Sun Apr 14 12:07:19 EST 2002
i686 unknown

Squid: Downloaded from official website

Thank you,