On Sat, 1 May 2004, Rupesh Kumar Mishra wrote:

> I have installed Squid on RedHat Enterprise Server 2.1 with PAM Auth.
> Now when I visit a page that has java applet , squid prompts for
> authentication to run the applet and when I enter the user name and
> password it executes the java applet.

Should not be needed... sounds like the interactions between your browser
and the JRE is not working the way it should.

> Now the problem is when I visit a page with more than 1 Java Applet I
> have to authenticate for each applet. Can anyone tell me how do I
> authenticate Just once i.e. just for Proxy authentication and not for
> Java Applet authentication.

Try upgrading your JRE. This sounds like a porly integrated JRE.

(JRE = Java Runtime Environment, what runs Java applets within the