On Sat, 1 May 2004 ashish.uchil@tcs.com wrote:

> 1.When i delete an User from the Win 2 k DC,still squid does show like it
> is authenticating the User for some time.
> Does squid/browser retain/cache user/password details ?
> If so ? Can i adjust this parameter ?

See squid.conf comments where you specified the auth helper to use.
Default interval is 2 hours (basic authentication only)

> 2. Also when i change an user from one group to another ,squid realizes it
> only if i reload it.
> Thus i have to schedule reload every 30 mins for squid to get the
> changes .
> Please let me know if there are some restrictions in regards to binding
> between squid and LDAP.

Again, see squid.conf comments where you specified the group helper..

Default interval is 1 hour.