>>type the following command as root on the machine
>>ps -A|grep squid
>>This command will show u all the instances of squid running.
>>If u wish to kill the process, u will need to issue the command
>>kill -9
>>If the connections are active, it will take some time before squid process
>>can actually get killed.

>I did not mean just that.
>I want to know how does squid determine whether it (squid) has been already
>launched? If you will try to launch squid while another copy is running,
>you will see: "squid is running". How does squid guess ?

It doesn't guess. When squid starts it'll create a pid file called
'squid'(not quite sure where?) and when it stops it will delete this pid
file. When you start Squid again it will check for the existence of this
pid file and if found Squid knows it is already running.




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