On Thu, 22 Apr 2004 Winston.Tan@allianz.com.sg wrote:

> I will try again. One more thing, as i add mail.yahoo.com in the blacklist
> - domain list. i did run squidGuard and squid -k reconfigure. Still it
> wouldnt blocked. Do i need to restart the squidguard?

A "squid -k rotate" will do so for you if reconfigure does not..
(I don't use reconfigure very much so I am not sure if this restarts
helpers or not.. but it probably should)

> Maybe i do a ps, get the PID, use a kill -HUP (pid number), who would the
> pid number be relate too? I do not want to kill the wrong PID. Which one
> will i have to look out and kill? Is it squidguard or squid or others?

Don't kill manually, use the "squid -k" options.

> DO i also have to recreate squidguard -C all before issuing this command -
> kill _HUP (pid number)?

See the squidGuard documentation.