i know this is the squid list, but it looks like the squidguard one has
been shut down. So i'm hoping someone here could help me a bit. it is
a rather strange


redhat 8
squid 2.5 stable 4
effective user users: squid


i have a large squidguard.conf file (3890 lines). if i run squidGuard -u
as a root user squidguard runs perfectly.

if i su to user squid and run the same command i get
2004-04-21 22:20:39 [995] sgDbUpdate: put: Permission denied
2004-04-21 22:20:39 [995] going into emergency mode

if i then remove some users from the squidguard.conf then the squidguard
-u from user squid works fine.

is there a limit that i'm exceeding, and if so how do i increase it.

thanks in advance



If TCP/IP handshaking was less formal,
perhaps SYN/ACK would be YO!/SUP! instead.