Maybe this is wht you want. I tested it last year and it worked as =

Hi all,=20

A couple of months ago, my boss asked me if it was=20
possible to display an Internet Access Policy when=20
users first launch their browsers without setting the=20
"Home" or "Start" page. His thought was that it should

be possible with our current Squid Servers. I searched

the mailing list and noticed the question had been=20
asked before but it wasn't possible without some=20
coding. I let him know.=20

The problem bugged me for ages. I do not know how to=20
program in C so writing the necessary code was not an=20
option for me. Also what about sites that do not use a

Proxy Server or a server other than Squid. To cut a=20
long story short I developed an application in TCL=20
that I want to share with the Squid community in an=20
effort to give something back and hopefully to help=20

The application is called "HeadsUp" and it can display

an Internet Access Policy or Message of the Day(MOTD)=20
to users. Browsers need to be configured to use a PAC=20
file and a slight change to any existing PAC file is=20
all that is needed. The PAC file directs the browsers=20
first request to the server which is running=20
"HeadsUp". "HeadsUp" downloads a page which brings up=20
a Popup window and causes the browser to reload the=20
page again to load the real page. "HeadsUp" is=20
available from It is=20
built on Tclhttpd a webserver in written pure TCL and=20
packaged as a Starkit. It runs on Windows, Linux,=20
HP-UX, Tru64 and Solaris.=20

Easy to install, just copy 2 files to your system and
run. No compiling necessary. To uninstall delete the 2


Kind Regards=20

Jeff Smith=20

P.S. Can a link be added to=20


Mit freundlichem Gru=DF/Yours sincerely
Werner Rost
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> Von: Serban Teodorescu []=20
> Gesendet: Mittwoch, 21. April 2004 18:58
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> Betreff: [squid-users] first-page redirector=20
> Hi,
> I'm running squid with delay pools, ldap_auth.
> I would like to redirect all my users to a news page when=20
> they open the=20
> browser (no matter what is their start page).
> Can anyone suggest a method / tool to do that?
> I read something about redirectors and looks pretty easy...=20
> but how to=20
> redirect ONLY the first request in a session??
> Thank you very much.
> Serban Teodorescu.