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On Thu, 2004-04-22 at 16:32, Robert Collins wrote:
> On Wed, 2004-04-21 at 20:17, Herman (ISTD) wrote:
> > Yes, this is a real problem ? For your information, my users here are
> > used to utilize DAP or Flashget for download. As long as I know, when w=

> > are using Flashget, for downloading one big file the Flashget would
> > initiate several threads in downloading portions of the files.=20
> > Of course, one of the workarounds is to limit connection number for you=

> > clients in squid.conf, but this would be troublesome when you user trie=

> > to open several browsers at once.
> >=20
> > Anyone can clarify this ? Is the delaypool limitation for the whole
> > squid client computer or only apply for each of connection of the PC
> > initiated to squid ?

> I have a patch for squid-3.0, that I intend to place into squid-3.1 that
> gives both client and server side delay pools, allowing sane use in
> accelerator setups.
> If you want this for experimentation, it's in my
> robertc@squid-cache.org--squid/squid--output-delay-pools--3.0 tla
> branch.

Bah, I misread the question - sorry :[. I was thinking
squid-as-accelerator, not http download 'accelerators'.

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