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I realize that the Squid SNMP agent is intended as an application SNMP agent and thus it doesn't report the MIB II tree. But by definition of the RFC's it should have, in my humble opinion, been implemented as an SNMP subagent (i.e. sagt), not a stand alone agent. Running two agents creates problems for SNMP management applications such as HP OpenView NNM because they can't split their queries from one MIB OID tree to one port such as 161 to the other MIB OID tree on another port. Plus it chews up additional system resources running two master agents per system. I guess the real fix would be to implement it as a dependent subagent for a master agent such as the Net-SNMP or Emanate agents. That would satisfy the RFC, management apps such as HP OpenView and it would render the system capable of running other subagents as needed, enhancing SNMP capabilities system wide.

Anybody care to add their two cents???


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From: Henrik Nordstrom
Date: Wednesday, April 21, 2004 8:17 pm
Subject: Re: [squid-users] SNMP Agent Issue

> On Wed, 21 Apr 2004, Jay W. Reffner wrote:
> > I am having some issues with the supplied Squid 2.5 SNMP agent.

> I was
> > wondering if it is capable of talking as a subagent to a native

> OS
> > agent?

> Only if your native OS agent can proxy the Squid subtree
> to the Squid SNMP agent. Many OS agents have proxy capabilities.
> > My problem is that I need my squid box to report back the
> > sysUpTime.0 MIB from the MIB II set and the squid SNMP agent

> does not.
> Correct.
> What most people do is that they run two agents. One system agent
> on the
> standard SNMP port and the Squid agent on the Squid SNMP port.
> > So either I need to get it work as a subagent with a native OS

> agent or
> > figure out how to get the squid agent to report sysUpTime.0.

> Apparently
> > per the RFC's all SNMP agents are required to report the MIB II
> > variables but the Squid one doesn't. So running as a sub would

> satisfy
> > the RFC's. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

> Squid does not really claim to be MIB II compliant. The Squid
> agent only
> claims to provide the Squid mib details, not a full MIB II. The
> MIB II is
> intended for whole systems, not an application.
> Regards
> Henrik

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