On Wed, 21 Apr 2004, Jay W. Reffner wrote:

> I am having some issues with the supplied Squid 2.5 SNMP agent. I was
> wondering if it is capable of talking as a subagent to a native OS
> agent?

Only if your native OS agent can proxy the Squid subtree
to the Squid SNMP agent. Many OS agents have proxy capabilities.

> My problem is that I need my squid box to report back the
> sysUpTime.0 MIB from the MIB II set and the squid SNMP agent does not.


What most people do is that they run two agents. One system agent on the
standard SNMP port and the Squid agent on the Squid SNMP port.

> So either I need to get it work as a subagent with a native OS agent or
> figure out how to get the squid agent to report sysUpTime.0. Apparently
> per the RFC's all SNMP agents are required to report the MIB II
> variables but the Squid one doesn't. So running as a sub would satisfy
> the RFC's. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Squid does not really claim to be MIB II compliant. The Squid agent only
claims to provide the Squid mib details, not a full MIB II. The MIB II is
intended for whole systems, not an application.