On Wed, 21 Apr 2004, Adam Aube wrote:

> There have been 3 RC releases thus far, though it's been some time since
> the last one.

This is because the conditions for release has not been fulfilled for a
long time with many new bugs being discovered both in Squid-3 and 2.5 and
it takes time to have all of them fixed.

It will take time before 3.0 is released, but less so if some help is
received in verifying bug reports and testing patches. If interested
please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org. Some rudimentary understanding
of C++, HTTP and the use of debuggers helps a lot while doing this.

Current status is

26 open bug reports currently targeted to be fixed before 3.0.

countless number of bug reports not yet fully analyzed or verified (156
in total).

and some other small issues for which no bug report exists are discussed
on squid-dev, but issues under discussion tends to be fixed sooner rather
later so I'd expect these to get solved soon

Of the bug reports targeted to be fixed before 3.0 some are problems which
has been fixed in 2.5 just needs to be verified if the same problem exists
in squid-3. Also some non-critical ones may be postponed for a later
release even if it today is indicated that these should be fixed before
the 3.0 release.

Of the not yet fully analyzed or verified reports several are probably
either is false or already fixed, and it needs to be identified which of
these are real bugs needing to get fixed.