yOn Wed, 21 Apr 2004, dumpmail@gmx.net wrote:

> is there any roadmap for the release of Squid 3.0?
> When will first RC be released?

As soon as the developers are happy with the release.

> Any active development?

Yes, but not very much visible as Squid-3.0 is in feature freeze since
long back to only fix the remaining bugs.

If anyone wants to help with bringing out the 3.0 release please look in
our bugzilla for reports targeted for the 3.0 release. Many of the reports
have Squid-2.5 patches which needs to be forward ported to 3.0, some
unique to Squid-3.

It would also help loking at other reports not yet targeted at a specific
release to see if the problem can be reproduced.