Good day

Have a question that I am hoping someone has the answer to, or at least a
point in a good direction.
Currently we use toned-down version of SquidGuard (much smaller lists), our
own filter lists and ACLs to do rudimentary filtering for some content (for
those that want to use the filtering part). We also do aggressive SPAM
filtering on our mail systems, basically using the same type system. Lists
we manage and also DNSBL's.
So the thought comes to mind that in a lot of cases we could benefit from
using a DNSBL (Right Hand Side type) to create block lists for Squid also.
A simple DNS lookup on a nearby DNS server running the lists would/could
give a 'yes-no' type answer to a query and determine whether a site is 'ok'
to visit.
This has the potential to greatly reduce the size and complexity of the
Squid lists needed to do effective filtering, reduce memory and CPU usage,
and of course, 'should' help Squid work more efficiently as a result. No?

I searched the Internet, the mail list archives and everywhere I could
think of, but could not find a plugin/module to do this. Does one exist?
Easy to make if it does not? Would be willing to share results and possibly
even host a RHS DNSBL list should we get it to be a viable alternative to
the current list based solutions.

Personally, I think it would help a lot.


ePaxsys/FRWS Technical Staff
ePaxsys, Inc.
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