On Wed, 21 Apr 2004, Marco Berizzi wrote:

> > What does cachemgr say about ntlm helper usage?

> I haven't deployed cache_mgr.

squidclient mgr:

gives you the menu.

squidclient mgr:info

the info (General Runtime) menu entry..

> > Have you tried increasing the number of helpers?

> Yes, I have increased to 50. Today all is fine.

So it could simply have been that you have more than 15 or so users
authenticating to the proxy at the same time.. NTLM is quite chatty and
uses the helpers a lot. It should be possible to make a formula based on
the number of concurrent users "numbers_of_helpers = X *
number_of_concurrent_users" but I do not have any useful data on what X
should be but I would guess around 0.5 or so should be safe..
number_of_concurrent_users is the peak number of users using the proxy
at the same time (within one minute).