On Wed, 21 Apr 2004, Angela Burrell wrote:

> That's what I thought, it should be fast. And it IS fast when I bypass
> squid. The server in question is our only server, it acts as a firewall
> (iptables), proxy-squid, and content filter (squidGuard). For some
> reason, the Mandrake software has partitioned the drive into a 3 GB
> partition for / and a 33 GB partition for /home. Needless to say, the
> squid logs and cache fill the little 3 GB partition about every 2nd day.
> (I'm working on repartitioning).

You can easily tell Squid to save the log files and cache in a directory
on the /home partition until then..

> I think, that the lack of disk space might be affecting squid, but I can't
> say for sure.

Only when it gets full, when Squid stops working entirely..

> The Internet seems fast enough today, I had squid bypassed (off) for
> about 4 hours yesterday. No problems since, but I expect it to recur.