On Tue, 20 Apr 2004 bh@tronstar.com wrote:

> Recently, we have run into problems with certain sites. These are sites
> that use https, but require the user to accept a PKI certificate before
> they can access the site. On the squid proxy with authentication, the
> user does not get prompted to accept the certificate and gets a connection
> failure message. The entries in access.log are 407 errors which I
> normally see on a failed authentication. Using the same computer and
> browser, I can point to another squid proxy that does not use
> authentication and I get prompted for the certificate just fine. I can
> point to a netscape proxy (no authentication) and it works.

Sounds like a browser bug. Probably the browser gets paniced if it needs
to both provide proxy authentication and ask the user about a
certificate once the authentication has completed..

Try allowing access to these sites without requiring authentication.