Yes, this is a real problem ? For your information, my users here are
used to utilize DAP or Flashget for download. As long as I know, when we
are using Flashget, for downloading one big file the Flashget would
initiate several threads in downloading portions of the files.=20
Of course, one of the workarounds is to limit connection number for your
clients in squid.conf, but this would be troublesome when you user tried
to open several browsers at once.

Anyone can clarify this ? Is the delaypool limitation for the whole
squid client computer or only apply for each of connection of the PC
initiated to squid ?



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> From: Nguyen Viet Hai []
> Sent: Wednesday, April 21, 2004 4:55 PM
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> Subject: [squid-users] Delay pools can't work with accelerator??
> I'm using Slackware 9.1, squid-STABLE-2.5 (with --enable-delay-pools
> compiling option) as proxy server. The client of proxy is a Windows 98
> box.
> When using browser to load web pages or download file, the delay pools

> squid does good jobs. It limit the bandwidth for windows 98 box as my
> settings in the squid.conf.
> But when i use a download accelerator (FlashGet) in Windows98 box to
> download file. Ofcourse, i have set FlashGet to use Proxy squid. Using
> IPTraf to monitor traffic, I realize that:
> + The Internet link from my proxy use all of bandwidth it has
> + The ethernet link to windows 98 box has the speed I have settings in

> squid.conf
> =3D> squid can't do bandwidth control right when using with a download
> accelerator.
> Anyone has idea? If can, plz tell me why?