I Found a solution about "no route to host" messagge which appers when br=
goes to Windows Update site

analyzing system.
I type in the url of my browser directly Windows Update site and not IP
I insert into the "hosts" file, located in system directory, all server
names which W.U. wants to meet. So I

specified in this file more Ip address (correspondent to the virtual ip
address in squid accelerator) to point to the several servers necessary
for Windows Update process.
I sniffed packets and I saw an interesting thing.

Browser's client sends a request on 443 port (https) to the Squid Acceler=
but Accelerator listen only to 80 port and not 443 . I saw Squid acting
as Proxy server listen to a particular port (usually 3128) but it's able
to accept https requests which are indicated inside url; so it can answer=

Instead Accelerator doesn't know how handling https requests because ther=
is the only 80 port listened.
It's possible to have the same Squid Accelerator listen on more ports or
to be able to accepr https requests ?



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