On Tue, 20 Apr 2004, Helpdesk wrote:

> It is kind of interesting because if I run the command line it seams to
> work OK until I enter both a username and a password. (i.e. I enter the
> command line and it waits for input. If I type "philld" and press
> it displays err. If I type "philld password" and press enter, it
> throws up the error.

This is kind of expected. The program does not do much until there is a
login to process.

> I am more than willing to put some time in this but as I am not much of
> a programmer, I know very little about compiling and porting.

What is needed is someone with a little programming experience and
programming tools to run the helper under a debugger to see more in detail
what goes wrong where..

The same helper is used quite a lot in the UNIX world with no sign of this
kind of problem. I can only assume there is some subtle difference in the
Windows LDAP implementation which makes the program fail on Windows.