Unfortunately, I am already using Guidos NT port of Squid. (Well not =
really unfortunately, since everything else seems to be working pretty =
well... )

I have tried both of the 2.5STABLE5 downloads and a 2.5STABLE4 download. =

The two STABLE5 binaries gave me the same application error. (They have =
slightly different times so I am guessing they were complied =
separately.) "Squid_LDAP_Auth.exe - Application Error. The instruction =
at 0x77952d58 referenced memory at 0x00000011. The memory could not be =
read." As well there is a Doctor Watson error stating "The application, =
, generated an application error The error occurred on 04/20/2004 @ =
10:49:12.734 The exception generated was c0000005 at address 77952D58 =
(ldap_count_valuesA)". Exception c0000005 appears to be an =
EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION error (If that means anything to you...) For =
testing purposes I am running squid as Local System and am logged in as =
the Local Administrator when running the command line.

It is kind of interesting because if I run the command line it seams to =
work OK until I enter both a username and a password. (i.e. I enter the =
command line and it waits for input. If I type "philld" and press =
it displays err. If I type "philld password" and press enter, it =
throws up the error.

I am more than willing to put some time in this but as I am not much of =
a programmer, I know very little about compiling and porting.



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On Tue, 20 Apr 2004, Helpdesk wrote:

> Can you recommend a place to either get a precompiled
> Squid_LDAP_Auth.exe or instructions on how to compile
> Squid_LDAP_Auth.exe? My compiling skills are pretty weak so my
> preference would be to get a precompiled binary from a trusted source.

Guidos NT port of Squid is the authorative source for Squid binaries for
Windows. But I am not 100% sure the LDAP helper has been tested under
Windows (but it should work..) http://www.acmeconsulting.it/SquidNT/

Where did you find the failing copy?