"Xavier BŠez C." wrote:

> Could anybody tell me how can I limit the transfer rate when my users
> download files such as .rar, .exe, .zip... and prohibit downloads to
> files with extensions such as: .mp3, .wma., .pif
> I've already read the following URL:
> http://www.squid-cache.org/Doc/FAQ/FAQ-19.html#ss19.8
> but I don't understand much about classess, delay pools and so on.

Have you also read the "delay pools help" thread in the archives over the
past few days? Many of the questions you have were discussed in it.


The only real difference between the example in that thread and what you
want to do is how to add users to delay pools. In your case, you will want
to use the url_regex or urlpath_regex acls to control access to the delay
pools rather than the src acl.

Those acl types are discussed in the Access Controls FAQ: