Dear visitors

My server works as a web server, and I recently installed Squid to work
as an http accelerator and as a proxy (just for my domains)

The scenario is this: Apache is running on port 81, Squid is running on
port 80, and I redirect incoming requests for port 80 to port 81 (using

Could anybody tell me how can I limit the transfer rate when my users
download files such as .rar, .exe, .zip... and prohibit downloads to
files with extensions such as: .mp3, .wma., .pif

I've already read the following URL:

but I don't understand much about classess, delay pools and so on.

could anybody please write an example squid.conf file (just the lines I
should add) so that I can accomplish my needs?
How can I know if the ACLs and Delay Pools are working?


Xavier BŠez C.
ICQ: 9103394