On Fri, 16 Apr 2004, Anthony Ogburn wrote:

> The problem is that after running squid for a period of time, it stops
> responding. Squid is still running and accepting connections, which are
> logged to access.log, but it never answers back. A restart of squid will
> clear the problem, but after a number of restarts, the entire system
> must be rebooted to correct the problem. It appears the problem is tied
> to the DNS. Running "squidclient mgr:idns" shows an increasing number of
> DNS queries, but no responses.

Use tcpdump to inspect what the DNS traffic looks like. Also verify this
on the DNS server (assuming you have a local DNS server).

From your description it sounds like there is a firewall problem blocking
DNS access after a while. Restarting Squid may help to such problems as a
new UDP port is then allocated for DNS queries.