> On Tue, 13 Apr 2004, Bar wrote:
> > I have the latest stable version 2.5stable5. Can't find this

> > patch that should solve this problem. Anyone know where to get it?

> Try searching the mailing list archives.

I've searched all mailing list archives and found nearly no answer.
The only track was 2 posts of dynamic delay pools:
- first from Chamara Gunaratne (there is some doc but no patch available)
- second from Dani Adhipta (patch present on squid-dev - no doc, no info)
I don't even know if these are patches that are mentioned in FAQ.

You mentioned also of the trick to nullify download accelerators by delay
But how can I set it up not to block normal, single-threaded downloads?
I suppose if I set up it with maxconn I think that also normal connection
from browsers would count to that limit.
I would be very thankful if you could get me some clue.