Hi Henrik,

At 10.26 16/04/2004, Henrik Nordstrom wrote:

>On Thu, 15 Apr 2004, Serassio Guido wrote:
> > Using httpd accelerator mode, user authentication cannot be used.
> > See many previous topics about this.

>Yes and no. See the same threads.
>For the Windows build it is ok if the AUTH_ON_ACCELERATION define is set
>by default as this is not likely to beused in transparent proxy setups.

I have forgotten this detail ...., thanks for remember me it.

But I have a question for you: why don't make this a squid.conf option like
"httpd_accel_authentication on|off" valid only when Squid runs as an httpd
accelerator ?

Yes, I can send you a binary build with AUTH_ON_ACCELERATION defined.
Please tell me if you need a standard or delay pools build.




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