here is some debug from my access.log:
1081924400.238 778 TCP_MISS/304 180 GET - DEFAULT_PARENT/ -
1082102628.436 695 TCP_MISS/304 122 GET - DEFAULT_PARENT/ -
1082102632.069 217 TCP_MISS/304 122 GET - DEFAULT_PARENT/ -
all of the lines in the logfile has the TCP_MISS and DEFAULT_PARENT
thing.. (i tested to see if the site is cacheable, and
it is!!)

in my squid.conf we uses:
cache_peer parent 8080 0 default
acl all src
acl adminet src
acl jordanet src
http_access allow adminet
http_access allow jordanet
http_access allow all
http_reply_access allow all
icp_access allow all
never_direct allow all
never_direct allow adminet
never_direct allow jordanet
we are behind several firewall's and can only use this proxy server to retreve the pages..!
(no direct connection here)
we got 2 lan's and 1 gateway...

the idea is that the local proxy serve's both lan's.
and if the page is not in the local cache, it should be retreved
from the parent..
but it doen't...! it simply ask the parent for every request.
and doesn't use it's own cache..

if i look into the cache dir, it show's only 2 or 3 sites...
it look's like if he doesn't put anny data/sites/pages in the cache..
so how can i make sure squid saves data to the cache dir
(/var/spool/squid), and uses it ??

Collen Blijenberg (Montessori Lyceum Herman Jordan)

Thursday, April 8, 2004, 2:24:32 PM, you wrote:

>> Hmm, thx.
>> but it doen't solve manny..
>> with this tool i can see, witch site is cacheable..!
>> so i'm testing with a good cacheable site..

EM> And does it work (cache) with such a site ?

EM> Pinpoint conclusions can only be drawn with :

EM> - more exact examples,
EM> - access log entries for site
EM> - how test is done.

EM> M.