On Thu, 15 Apr 2004, Pudjo Mulyono wrote:

> Im dealing with Squid NT from Guido (thanks to him) but I have problem
> finding some redirector programs that can works fine on Windows NT.

Pretty much all of them should work with the help of cygwin..

> My goal is to redirect any denied request of some banner images to a blank
> images, coz its annoying to see Internet Explorer always trying (or
> waiting) to get the denied images.

See deny_info directive..

> On the status bar of IE may appear like this:
> "(5 items remaining) Opening page http://some_domain.com"
> IE wont stop request till the requested images proceed done.

God stable high quality browser. It is a good thing they are market

> Not like Mozilla, it will stop request since it knows those images are denied.

Fragile thing.. giving up only because it was told to and specifications
says it should as there won't come anything else. Must be broken. B)