I am setting up computers for the library and would like for the
various message services to be usable at my discretion controlled by
squid. I installed GAIM as a good option. My first test was to try to
connect to AIM. As far as I know I'm not blocking anything from my
test machine.

From GAIM the message is the date with "Access denied proxy server
forbids port 80 tunnelling"

I do use SquidGuard, but I'm testing from a machine that currently has
no restrictions on aol.com. I also am using authentication, but again
it is not required from the test machine.

I get a message from GAIM saying I've been disconnected.

My log looks like this:
1081876647.595 4 TCP_DENIED/403 1394 CONNECT login.oscar.aol.com:5190 - NONE/- text/html

[11:57:08:war-admiral:~]sudo /usr/local/sbin/squid -v

Squid Cache: Version 2.5.STABLE4-20031109 configure options:
--prefix=/usr/local --sysconfdir=/etc --localstatedir=/var
--enable-gnuregex --enable-carp --enable-delay-pools
--enable-useragent-log --enable-referer-log -enable-forw-via-db
--enable-default-err-language=English --enable-err-languages=English
--enable-underscores '--enable-auth=basic digest' '--en
able-basic-auth-helpers=getpwnam NCSA SASL LDAP PAM'

Josh Kuperman