> On Mon, 12 Apr 2004, Michael Gale wrote:
> > Making SWAP partitions twice your RAM is the old approache. If you read
> > any of the recent linux documents or mailing list you will find that it
> > is not needed. Once a server has more then 1GB of RAM you will most
> > likely not need to double all your swap space.

On 12.04 22:24, Henrik Nordstrom wrote:
> I have not looked into how 2.6 behaves yet, but Linux-2.4 and RedHat 2.4
> kernels can end up in interesting corner cases resulting in out-of-memory
> conditions when deep in swap unless the swap partition is sufficiently
> large to contain all your applications, this regardless of how much or

I'd say, if a system has more swap space than memory space, it can use
swap in a different way (using different algorithm) that will speed up
things a little bit. BUT using swap this way would slow things up if you
have less swap than memory.

linux kernels 2.4 under 2.4.10 had a problem that caused very low
performance if you had less swap than 2xRAM (I don't know if it was
because of problem I described above)

However having enough memory will speed up things much more

However this discussion is not related to squid, so let's say the old
good: on a system with squid, you should have enough memory not to swap at

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