Making SWAP partitions twice your RAM is the old approache. If you read any of
the recent linux documents or mailing list you will find that it is not needed.
Once a server has more then 1GB of RAM you will most likely not need to double
all your swap space.

I never create a swap space larger then 2GB regardless of how much the RAM gets.

Look at it this way -- for most people if your server has 1GB+ of RAM and your
are using swap -- you most likely have a problem.


On Fri, 9 Apr 2004 14:07:15 +0100 (BST)
Mark Tinka wrote:

> hi list...
> i've been seeing some threads where de-activation
> and/or NO creation of the /swap paritition is
> recommended in ensuring the system doesn't swap..
> as i am preparing to setup my machine for high end
> Squid caching, would it be wise for me to follow the
> same approach, despite the fact that i will have some
> 1.6GB of RAM..?..
> typically, i configure 512MB swap partitions on my
> Linux systems.. following on the advice in relative
> threads, should i create a /swap partition and turn it
> off in the filesystem table, or not create the /swap
> partition altogether..?.
> all help appreciated..
> Mark.
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